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From hearing screenings to hearing aid consultations, fitting and maintenance, Charlotte Hearing Center is a full-service audiology clinic. Find out what makes us different.

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Recent estimates suggest over 37 million people have some trouble hearing. Take our benchmark hearing test to see if it may be time to visit Charlotte Hearing Center.

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Learn About Hearing Loss

Conductive, sensorineural and mixed are the three basic forms of hearing loss. Find out more about what these look like and what you can do to protect and preserve your hearing.

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See Device Technology

Hearing aid technology has come a long way. Some devices have rechargeable batteries while others are designed to be worn 24/7 and disposed of every few weeks. See what your options are.

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Meet the Doctor

It’s tempting to think you can price shop for hearing aids online, but in the long-term, buying from professional audiologists is less expensive and more satisfying.

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Beth is the number one audiologist in Charlotte County. She has been my audiologist for the last twenty years. A very knowledgeable and understanding professional.

Clarence D.

Services We Offer


  • Hearing Screenings

  • Complete Hearing Tests

  • Hearing Aid Evaluations


  • Hearing Aid Consultation

  • Computerized Hearing Aid Fitting

  • Hearing Aid Accessories


  • Hearing Aid Cleaning

  • Repairs

  • Battery Replacement